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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Went to this 5 Hour Seminar on Home Buying...

I went to this 5 hour home buying seminar. No, I did not do it on purpose or because I wanted to. I had to because of the government program I am using to be able to buy a home. A special teacher program where they loan you some money for a down payment. No free rides here peeps.

You would think in this 5 hours, they would show you step by step what buying a home looks like. The process, the things you have to pay (what some might call the hidden costs), etc. Oh no.

So here I am floundering with no money. Right before the school year starts trying to find escrow money, inspection money, and on the horizon it looks like appraisal money, credit check money, and anything else. On closing, I have to come up with 2 months of Condo dues money.

My complaint comes in the form that I was told by my first loan officer that the only money I had to worry about was the inspection money. I can't be too mad at him because I would have never been buying something if I had not run into him at the bank. He was the one who new about the government program. No other banks (BECU, USAA, etc) had a clue about the government program.

More on this later. I am tired.


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