I've been a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king; I've been up and down and over and out, and I know one thing; each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Should Be Grading Papers....

But I have not posted in awhile. I just thought I send a quick update and let everyone know I am still alive and I think I within 2 weeks I will have purchased my first home. Appraisal passed with flying colors. My agent had his handy man guy look at the dishwasher and he fixed it in like 5 seconds flat and even looked at all other appliances and cleaned out my sick garbage disposal (all at zero cost to me ~ all worked out in the purchase agreement).

The last word I am waiting on are the loan underwriters. My loan officer asked for August's pay stub and my tax returns for the last couple of years (they already had my W2s). As soon as I get word that they will, indeed, finance my home loan, I will tell my apartment manager that October will be my last month. I have started packing some things, but I need to pack more.

And as you can already see, I have started calling it my place. I hope it is not too soon, but I have almost the whole addressed except for the zip code memorized too. That is a great feat for me because I am trying to memorize close to 160 folks right now. Ok.. back to the grading papers. Or maybe I will just think about it. The stack is quit large and I am quit tired still.