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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meanwhile in the World of Soccer

I make no proclamations of being an expert in soccer. In fact, 2006 is really when I started to paying attention to the sport. But now I love it. And no, I will never play it. I think it is very healthy to have a sport that you follow that you do not participate. I really think it is important.

So as a relative outsider, I am starting to see some of the hypocrisies within the MLS. Some players get chastised for certain behaviors and techniques, while other players it is encouraged.

Let's get things straight here. I am not sure what the real label is, but I label myself a soccer purist. I don't like flopping and acting. I don't like full contact. Play and watch rugby if that is your thing. Now I understand and have no problem with legit "tackles."

I also think we need goal line technology. Real goal line technology. Chips in the balls and if it crosses the line, a light goes off. We have it in curling, we have it in hockey, and we have it bowling, and we can have it in soccer.

I also think there needs to be Ref reform. And it starts in an area where you may not think. FIFA retires its refs at 45. No ifs, ands or buts. This is stupid. If a ref can pass a physical test, then they should be able to continue. There is something to be said with age and expereince. Almost a calming effect sometimes. I also think that maybe letting women ref dude games should be considered. Chew on that!

I have a class today and will miss a lot of soccer games on MLS Live. It makes me sad. Well.. off to start the day!


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